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Mimi and Kathie

Lisa and Kathie

My mom Kathie, a lifelong Rumford, Rhode Island resident, had a mission to help neighbors.


Growing up, her mother, my Mimi, was under the care of numerous caregivers throughout her four-decade fight against Multiple Sclerosis. Agencies had inconsistent schedules and sent different caregivers who were unreliable. Occasionally their care was neglectful—including instances of theft. Mom had very little peace of mind that Mimi was in good hands.

After several years of disappointment and anxiety, mom finally found the right people to care for Mimi. Mom, my grandfather, and my uncles could spend quality time with Mimi as loving family members—not as caregivers. This took a lot of hard work, but it sparked motivation in my mom that would eventually impact so many lives for the better.

Over the next decade, my mom dedicated her life to helping other families care for loved ones in the comfort of their own homes. She knew their common challenges, concerns, and needs because she shared them herself with Mimi’s care. She worked tirelessly to create an agency with the most professional, compassionate caregivers—people that families could trust. As mom always said, “If I wouldn’t hire someone to help my mother, then I wouldn’t hire them for a client”. She prided herself on establishing the perfect match between client and caregiver so life-long relationships could be formed.

Ten years after starting her Advocare journey, my mom was suddenly diagnosed with Glioblastoma (Grade 4 brain cancer). The prognosis was terminal and scary, but her mission was still front-and-center each day. She went to work, prioritized her clients, and ensured no family in need would ever go without loving care—even when she needed that care. She lost her hair and got a wig, but she continued helping clients. She lost her ability to drive, but she found rides and continued helping clients. She could no longer walk, but got in her wheelchair and continued helping clients. Cancer couldn’t keep her down!

Advocare gave my mom’s life such meaning, but very sadly we lost her on April 30, 2021—18 months after her diagnosis. I know this company helped her fight to the very end.


In August 2022, Kathie’s best friend, Lisa Rego became the president/owner of Advocare Senior Living. I can imagine my mom beaming down from Heaven, so proud and happy that Lisa will continue her legacy. This is what she wanted—and no illness would have kept mom from making her impact on the community. With Lisa’s guidance, Advocare lives on to encompass Kathie Frattarelli’s spirit and continue to help neighbors.

Tori Stevenson
Kathie’s oldest daughter

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