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Advocare Senior Living Services


In-home, nursing, rehab, or assisted living facility

Meal Preparation

Our caregivers help ensure that your loved one receives proper nutrition. They can prepare meals daily or in bulk and freeze them, they also can advise you of any changes in eating patterns.

Light Housekeeping

Our caregivers will help our clients with small housekeeping chores, which are meant to keep their homes tidy based on the activities and needs that they are involved with. While not meant to replace a cleaning service, we can help in keeping the living quarters orderly.

Medication Reminders

Ensure medication is taken in the proper dosage at the proper time.

Trash Removal

Help take out the trash and recycling


Provide assistance at family functions or special events

Help with Hobbies
and Encourage Socialization

Health & Safety

Our client’s health and well-being are of utmost importance to our caregivers, and we will insure that our seniors remain safe when in our company. In the event that we are concerned about the practices of our clients, we will notify family or others.

Respite Care

At Advocare Senior Living, our caregivers relieve the family caregivers. Our licensed and trained caregiver will arrive at the scheduled time and take over for the primary caregiver. Our caregiver will provide quality care to your loved one while the family caregiver takes time off and tends to personal issues.

Family caregivers commonly focus all their energy on their loved one’s health, but this often results in depression, physical health problems, and stress. Family caregivers find it difficult to be a caregiver on top of their duties as an employee and parents, so they tend to neglect their own physical and mental health. It is important to utilize respite care services so the family caregiver can have a break occasionally.

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